Hongyang Ma

Senior Scientist


Email: Hongyang.Ma@stonybrook.edu

Dr. Hongyang Ma received his Ph. D. degree from Peking University in 2003, China. He then joined the research group and worked in the area of nanofibrous composite membranes for water purification. He is currently a research scientist and mainly focusing on fabrication of highly permeable nanocomposite membranes for desalination.


Tom Lindström

Senior Scientist


Email: toml@kth.se


Professor Lindström is a visiting scientist from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Lindström has experiences encompassing both academic (KTH), institutional (Swedish Pulp and Paper Research Institute Innventia, now RISE) and has also worked ten years in the Paper/Board industry. Lindströms background training is in polymer and physical chemistry and colloid and surface science, but the focus has been on various unit operations in pulp and papermaking, particularly in the areas of paper chemistry and paper forming issues. His focus has been on manufacture and up-scaling of years. During the past nanocellulosic materials and various industrial applications of these materials. As a senior scientist, he will devote his efforts to the use and integration of nanocellulosic materials in the area of water treatments.


Priyanka Sharma

Research Scientist

Email: priyanka.r.sharma@stonybrook.edu


Dr. Priyanka did her Ph.D from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (India) in 2014. She is cellulose chemist working on fabrications, modifications and characterizations of nanocelluloses. Her research interest is focused on engineering different shape and sizes of nanocelluloses for various applications including water purification.  


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Sunil K Sharma

Affiliate Scientist


Email: sunil.k.sharma@stonybrook.edu


Dr. Sunil received his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of technology Bombay, India in 2016. He was then appointed as a research associate in Department of Chemistry IIT Bombay, India and Centre for material for Electronic technology Trissure Kerala, India. In October, 2016, Sunil joined the Center in Integrated Electric Energy Systems (CIEES) in the Stony Brook University. His current research interest is Biomass derived materials for energy storage application.